Ramp Handling

We provide ramp services, mainly working around aircraft, to ensure safe and comfortable flight operations.

  • loading and unloading

    Loading, unloading, and conveyance of luggage and cargo, PBB operaon, PBL operaon

  • Luggage sorting

    Sorting luggage, assisng with luggage at the check-in counter

  • Aircraft Ground Support

    Marshalling, towing and pushback, cabin cleaning, sewage drainage and treatment, water supply management, deicing (snow removal and anti-icing treatment for aircraft)

  • Flight Operation

    Weight and balance, flight turnaround ramp coordination

Boarding And Loading Operations

On-time performance is our promise

We load and unload baggage and cargo on and off aircraft.
Adhering to the schedule and focusing on speed and reliability, we pride ourselves in delivering consistent performance.

  • Schedule management

    By carefully checking every detail from arrival times to aircraft stands, we manage the schedule to ensure speedy operations.

  • Loading and unloading

    We load and unload passengers’ baggage, cargo, and mail on and off aircraft departing and arriving at the airport.


    The Load Master is the person responsible for supervising loading and unloading operations.

Ramp services cannot be conducted by a single person but require teamwork.
Everyone, from the beginner to the experienced, works together as a team and plays each role in handling arrivals and departures of aircraft.
Pushing back aircraft on time gives us a sense of accomplishment and pride.