Cargo handling

We are committed to providing cargo handling services with a deep sense of responsibility.

  • Working as a Cargo Agencies

    Reception, handover, status updates

  • Processing Transportation Documents

    Processing cargo data into cargo systems.

  • Preparing Cargo Storage Plans

    Commercial cargo storage, from small pallet loads to bulk cargo and project cargo, under cover and outside, as well as medical cold storage.

  • Cargo Flight Assistance

    Preparation of loading plans (weight balance), management of loading and unloading, pilot support

  • Import and Export Storage Work

    Consignment and carrying out of cargo, stowage and classification, measurement, management

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Export Cargo Business

Our goal is to deliver the best cargo handling services to our customers

We handle a range of cargo from international mail to freight delivered to destinations all over the world.

The cargo we handle carries a variety of products such as expensive pharmaceuticals, machinery, and emergency relief supplies. To earn and build customer trust, we are committed to carefully and accurately handling all types of cargo from small parcels to heavy and oversized shipments.

  • Cargo handling

    After unloading cargo from the delivery truck, we check its destination, quantity, condition and other details.

  • Build-up plan

    We create a build-up plan to load cargo onto aircraft.

  • Build up

    Based on the build-up plan, we build up Unit Load Devices (ULDs).

  • Cargo document processing

    We register build-up data on airlines’ systems (cargo manifesting) and transmit the data to our transport team.

  • Final check

    We check whether it is safe to load cargo onto the scheduled aircraft.