Our Services

World-Class Ground Handling Services

CKTS is a member of the IATA Ground Handling Partnership (IGHC), Japan's only ground handler to have received certification in IATA's Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO). providing more diverse world-class quality services than ever before.

World-Class Quality and Diverse Services

Various Services to Meet Clients' Needs

Full Service Carriers

  • ・Comply with each alliance's standards
  • ・VIP and CIP service
  • ・Select from a variety of services

Low-Cost Carriers

  • ・Quick turnaround
  • ・Speedy handling operation
  • ・Flexible service selection

CKTS Offers an Entirely New Type of Ground Handling Services

Conventional Ground Handling Service
Standard Ground Handling Agreement
Service Level Agreement (SLA)

CKTS Services!

  • Provide clients with tailor-made services
  • Handle complaints in emergencies
  • Assign service controllers
  • Offer interpreters and native speakers
  • Provide service dressed in clients' uniforms
  • Also handle other miscellaneous orders

Broad Selection of Services


Passenger Services

We offer a wide range of attentive services, including check-in and luggage services, and more.

  • Passenger Handling

    Passenger information and guidance, providing documents to CIQ, etc.

  • Passenger Service

    Check-in, and cashier service, and gate operations

  • Lost and Late / Baggage Claim

    Tracing undelivered luggage, delivering to passengers, and damaged luggage services.

  • Flight Operation

    Weight and balance, flight turnaround ramp coordination

Total Ramp

Total Ramp Services

We ensure safety-on-ground by focusing on safety in aircraft turnaround, ramp coordination, and aircraft servicing operations.

  • Loading and Unloading

    Loading, unloading, and conveyance of luggage and cargo, PBB operation, PBL operation
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  • Sorting

    Sorting luggage, assisting with luggage at the check-in counter
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  • Aircraft Ground Support

    Marshalling, towing and pushback, cabin cleaning, sewage drainage and treatment, water supply management


Cargo Handling Services

We take responsibility for various types of work involved in transporting valuable air cargo.

  • Working as a Cargo Agencies

    Reception, handover, status updates

  • Processing Transportation Documents

    Processing cargo data into cargo systems.

  • Preparing Cargo Storage Plans

    Commercial cargo storage, from small pallet loads to bulk cargo and project cargo, under cover and outside, as well as medical cold storage.

  • Cargo Flight Assistance

    Preparation of loading plans (weight balance), management of loading and unloading, pilot support

  • Import and Export Storage Work

    Consignment and carrying out of cargo, stowage and classification, measurement, management
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Aircraft Maintenance Services

We provide maintenance and inspection services for aircraft. In addition to our polished maintenance skills, we maintain excellent communication with crews and pilots as we provide our high-quality services.

  • Maintenance (Assistance)

    Pre-flight aircraft inspections/maintenance assistance, headsets (aircraft guidance), deicing (snow removal and anti-icing treatment for aircraft)

Charter Flight

Charter Flight Services

We have handled many unique types of cargo, such as large animals like race horses, race cars, foreign artists' concert equipment, Beaujolais nouveau, and more.

  • Special Charter Flight Services

    Handling for special charter flights for heavy lift cargo, etc.

  • Business Jet Handling Services

    Handling for business jets for VIPs, etc.