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CKTS Co., Ltd. began business in 1994 alongside the opening of Kansai International Airport (KIX). For more than twenty years, we have provided comprehensive ground handling services, particularly for international flights. In 2010, we expanded our base at Tokyo International Airport (HND), and we now provide high-quality ground handling services to more than twenty airlines, serving fifteen countries and regions in Asia, Europe, North America, and more. In 2016, we became a member of the Kansai Airports Group, Japan's first and only ground handling service provider that is a part of the airport's operation.

In recent years, Japan's airline industry has witnessed a rapid expansion with the enormous increase of foreign visitors to Japan, and this trend is expected to accelerate further. In parallel, demand for service and needs has also broadened, such as new foreign airlines launching services to Japan, new entrants in the low-cost carrier market, and legacy carriers introducing new generation aircraft as well as offering enhanced premium services. As aviation demand continues to grow, we are seeing services and needs continue to diversify and evolve in entirely new ways.

As an integrated ground handling company, we offer a wide range of services, including passenger handling, ramp handling, cargo handling, aircraft maintenance support, charter flights, private/business jet handling, lounge services, and more. We handle important roles and responsibilities indispensable for daily airline and airport operations.

For many years we have been highly regarded by airlines and their customers. The reason for this is that, as an independent ground handling company that does not belong to the airline or global corporate group, we have consistently pursued originality, providing speedy and flexible tailor-made services to fit customer needs and expectations, while also having professional staff who can support and practice our values. We believe the combination of these forces has helped us create the CKTS brand.

Safety and security are our top priorities, and we strive to achieve the highest customer satisfaction, not only for global airlines and their customers, but also for their staff members, and society as a whole. We will continue to do our utmost to meet and surpass our standards with each passing day.

  • Safety and security are our top priorities in our work.
  • We work to maximize customer satisfaction in our work processes and our customer services.
  • We contribute to the development of our local community and our region's economy.
  • We aim to share the culture of Japan and the Kansai region with the world, as well as symbols of their industries.
  • We will continue to exist in harmony with the local society, and continue to work to be environmentally friendly.
  • We cultivate world-class specialist human resources.

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