Working to Be a Pollution-Free Airport That Coexists with, and Benefits, the Local Community

In order to become one of Asia's leading airports, we work to produce clean energy using power sources like solar power, wind power, and hydrogen fuel. We also work to bring the Smart Island vision to life by making full use of IT (information technology) to improve energy efficiency throughout the entire airport island, for reduced power consumption.

Our Efforts at CKTS

Based on Kansai International Airport's Smart Island vision,
CKTS works to generate clean energy on the airport island, such as through solar panels and hydrogen,
as well as to reduce energy use, among other active environmental efforts.

Solar Power Generation

We have installed solar panels on the import cargo storage building, which generate clean energy and help to reduce the airport's CO2 emissions.

LED Ceiling Light System

We are the first company in Japan to install LED lighting in our storage facilities. We promote Kansai International Airport's Smart Island vision, and have reduced our annual CO2 emissions by 11,586 kg.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Forklifts

By using hydrogen for vehicles, power generation, and GSE, we have helped reduce CO2 emissions from the island Kansai International Airport is located on. Hydrogen fuel cell forklifts produce zero CO2 during use -- the only byproduct they emit is water.

  • KIX Hydrogen Grid (Concept)